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The Westleigh is a fantastic venue for live music, hosting private functions, parties and much more. If you have visited us recently please send in details of your experience using the form below. We welcome all feedback to help us continue to strive to provide excellence for our customers.

" The event ‘Lighthouse Rocks’ came about as a thank you for helping someone out – a sort of giving something back kind of event.  Martin is a builder and whilst working on a roof stepped through a skylight falling 3m onto his back. He fractured a vertebrae and his skull in 3 places.  He was unable to work for 6 months which caused considerable financial difficulty.  The Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund stepped in and if you’ll pardon the pun, were a beacon of light in those dark times.  One year on and Martin is fully fit and back to work even back on his motorbike.  Martin, his wife Jo and sons Ryan and Shane just wanted to say thank you to Lighthouse for the support and asked The Westleigh to help put on an event to raise some funds.

The Westleigh is part of Havant & Waterlooville Football Club and regularly has live music and tribute acts and set up the night of music with Bogus Quo a Status Quo tribute act and with support from Eddie Vortex and The Cyclones an old school rock and country threesome.  The Westleigh regulars and Havant local businesses contributed to a raffle and despite horrendous weather turned out to support this good cause. Cash buckets went round and an Olympic torch bearer came to the event and regulars had their photographs taken with the torch with donations going to Lighthouse.

The evening raised £496 other donations are pledged and with an auction for a hand-made pool cue still to take place  - the tally stands at £600 " - Steve McNaught, The Westleigh, 10/9/2012   

"A massive thank you for the superb Abba night. As a group we have attended all the 'tribute' acts but this Abba one was my favourite. It is nice, if only for a couple of hours, to feel young again!" - Hawkeye, Havant, 30/4/2012 

"Dear Steve, Thank you very much for providing a venue for our Memory Roadshow on 31st March and for looking after us so well.  The Function Room at The Westleigh was a perfect location for our event and we're very happy with how it went.  We received some great feedback from the people who attended, many of whom stayed for the full three hours!  Thank you also for publicising the Roadshow by including it on your website and distributing the leaflet".- Tracy Teasdale, Community Heritage Worker, 13/4/2012   

"Hi Steve, loving the website with all of the updated coming events . Also i would like to say i had a great evening at the Queen tribute night with 10 of my friends & a big thumbs up to all of your staff. looking forward to the next time."- Gilly, Havant, 5/3/2012

"Hello The Westleigh, I just wanted to say, I came to the Take That Experience night on 28th Jan, and I had a brilliant time, the band were great, very entertaining, loved them, and more so I found the crowd in the bar very friendly making it a fun and joyful night.The atmosphere was excellent and made it a really good night out for me, so Thank you to all involved, I will definitely return to one of your entertainment nights.I like to see the football team do well too. Rock On The Westleigh!" - Valerie, Havant, 6/2/2012

Now on matters closer to home a warning for my fellow male Hawks fans.  "Now we have a brand new pub (The Westleigh) along side the ground do not encourage your partners and loved ones to use it!  I made this grave error a few home matches ago and now after every home game since, Mrs Hawkeye and Offspring send me a text explaining that they were waiting for me in there, bribing me for letting them out with a pint of Guinness!  They explained that they enjoy the atmosphere and have enjoyed meeting the living legends that are the first team. 

 After todays game I have to go straight home as Mrs Hawkeye and various pals are going ‘to the Club’ for the ‘Take That Experience’, leaving me to babysit!  Now if the Club are going to offer good quality entertainment as well as football it is only fair that we males are warned of the consequences, good God man they will be giving Women the right to vote next!!   I have to go now as I am working on my ‘Gary Barlow’ outfit to continue ‘the experience’ when she gets home".- Hawkeye, Havant, 27/1/2012

"Dear Steve,Chef & Staff, A very big thankyou for the wonderful day for my Dad's 90th birthday. Everything was perfect and the food & service was excellent. We all had a brilliant day so thankyou again for making it so special." - Nora, Waterlooville, 6/12/11